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Skeletal, Back, Neck, Joint, Muscle Problems YesNo

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Stonyhurst College only collects data for the purpose indicated on this form and will not distribute or share this information with any third party.


Physical exercise can be strenuous and as a user of the Stonyhurst Sports Centre, you can be subject to risk of serious injury. The Stonyhurst Sports Centre urges you to obtain a physical examination from a doctor before using any exercise equipment of participating in any exercise activity.

Users (each client, guest, and all participating family members) agree that if they engage in any physical exercise or activity, or use any gym amenity on the premises or off premises, including any sponsored gym event, you do so entirely at your own risk. You as the user agree that you are voluntarily participating in these activities and use of these facilities and premises and assume all risks of injury, illness, or death. We are also not responsible for any loss of your personal property.

This waiver and release of liability includes, without limitation, all injuries which may occur as a result of:
1) Your use of all amenities and equipment in the facility and your participation in any activity, class, program, personal training or instruction
2) The sudden and unforeseen malfunctioning of any equipment
3) Our instruction, training, supervision, or dietary recommendations
4) Your slipping and/or falling while in the building, or on the premises
5) Contact with other participants
6) The effects of the weather, including high heat and/or humidity; and all other such risks being known and appreciated by me

By signing this waiver, you expressly acknowledge:

  • Your responsibility in communicating any physical and psychological concerns that might conflict with participation in activity
  • That you are physically fit and mentally capable of performing the physical activity I choose to participate in
  • You expressly agree to release and discharge the gym, and all affiliates, employees, agents, representatives, successors, or assigns, from any and all claims or causes of action and you agree to voluntarily give up or waive any right that you may otherwise have to bring a legal action against the gym for personal injury or property damage
  • To the extent that statutory or case law does not prohibit releases for negligence, this release is also for negligence on the part of the facility, its agents, and employees.

If any portion of this release from liability shall be deemed by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, then the remainder of this release from liability shall remain in full force and effect, and the offending provision of provisions severed her from.

By signing this release, I acknowledge that I understand its content and that this release cannot be modified orally.


  • All users, including staff of Stonyhurst College, must complete a registration form prior to using the Sports Centre facilities. All employees of Stonyhurst College must supply a form of staff ID in order to acquire membership of the fitness facilities.
  • Membership is only available from the age of 16 and above. Proof of age may be required.
  • Users will be issued with a membership card upon signing up to one of the membership types, which they will require to access the facilities.
  • No filming or photography will be allowed inside the Stonyhurst Sports Centre facilities, including the swimming pool, gym, fitness studio and the tennis dome.
  • For the safety and security of our users, CCTV is in operation inside the facility.
  • Users should use the equipment and facilities in accordance with the advice given by staff or suitably posted notices. Any damage to equipment shall be paid for by the user.
  • The fitness facilities at Stonyhurst Sports Centre are shared with college pupils. Therefore an appropriate level of conduct is expected from users and pupils alike. Disorderly, rude or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and may lead to expulsion from the centre. If you have any concerns please speak to the Sports Centre Manager.
  • Due to the shared nature of the facility with students of Stonyhurst College, on limited occasions, the changing rooms may not be available. Please see a member of staff for details of the changing room availability and we kindly ask for your patience during these times.

I agree to the above

We take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide the products and services you have requested from us.

However, from time to time we would like to contact you with details of our special offers and promotions that we provide. If you consent to us contacting you for this purpose please tick to say how you would like us to contact you: